Monday, October 27, 2014

Is Swinging Mainstream?

For quite some time my wife and I have been discussing the phenomenon of swinging and it's slow but steady increase into the mainstream.  As writers of Erotic Romances, we've always enjoyed the thought of introduction of pure pleasure into a romantic, erotic situation.  And probably the most intriguing aspect is the thought that it is 'taboo' to do so.  But if it becomes commonplace, how will it affect our writing?

My wife, Laura Cooper, loves the daring, location type style lovemaking, but her preference is that it all be done within the confines of a relationship.  Monogamy is her understated underlying theme, although we've both written more physically concentrated scenes.

For me, I love the separation of physical love and emotional love, keeping the wild uninhibited multiple partner aspect in a scene in which I want my readers to immerse themselves in.

Found an interesting poll on about this issue.

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