Thursday, October 23, 2014

Reaffirm My Faith In Women

There is very little about women that I don't like.  First, they're considerably cleaner than us men, and that's really because they understand the fine art of paying attention.  Me, I feel like my attention span is rather somewhat like that of Ronald Weasly's emotional range:  about the depth of a teaspoon.  But then there's the ability to actually see beauty in just about anything, and thank God that anything covers us men.  And last, but certainly not least, the soft curve of a woman's body, the warmth of her flesh under my fingertips, the hardness of only certain parts that fit perfectly in my mouth.

What was I writing about again???  Oh yeah, my reaffirmation of my faith in women.

Probably the only thing I don't care for is the guarded nature of most women, as if their sitting on some golden, long sought after clue to the meaning of life.  And in their efforts to guard the fortress, they willfully bypass their own needs and desires to conform to some weird societal expectation that has long since dissipated. 

And then I run across some erotic romance writers and their wonderful blogs, where they focus on something I can actually sink my teeth into.

Meet...  Chloe Thurlow.

I first read her short story FLIGHT 69
Extremely seductive, and erotic.  I'd give it 5 Hard Cocks if I had more than one.  Maybe I should give it one 5 times?

Anyway, I wanted to share her link where I find her viewpoints and writing inspirational, provocative, and just plain HOT!!!

You, Chloe Thurlow, reaffirm my faith in women!


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  1. Thank you. I discovered the secret of success: the harder I work, the more successful I get. There is still a long road ahead, but I have glimpsed the mountaintop.