Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Time to Reshape Erotica

I decided that I like what I write, but I need to appeal to more than just the male readers.  I want you all, ESPECIALLY the hot women out there to have erotica written more for you, and not the male dominated role.  Please bear with me as I attempt to focus more on the needs of beautiful women who still like it smoking HOT!!!

MY TURN:  A Hotwife's Fantasy

After twelve years of marriage, he still leaves her breathless.  And because of this, April makes it her mission to constantly surprise Stephen by fulfilling his fantasies. However, she's finally out of ideas when she turns to her best friend Lori.

Lori and her husband share a very open marriage, and she points out that maybe it's time April have one of her fantasies fulfilled.

Brief excerpt:

Stephen towered over her, bracing himself with his hands placed on either side of her head.  April loved this position above all others because his large muscular arms gave way to the broad shoulders that made her feel so small.   She turns her head slightly to the right, feeling the small thin hairs of his forearms brush against her upper lip.  Slowly she sinks her lips onto his skin, sucking and reveling in his taste.

The warmth and suction of her lips only serves to spur him on, and Stephen picks up the pace.  Deeper and deeper he drives into her, making sure she knows that she belongs to him.  At least that’s what April believes.

As his pace picks up, tiny beads of sweat form on his temples before running down his cheeks and dropping the short distance to her heaving breasts.  Each splash against her hard nipples only brings them closer.  Stephen thrusts a final time, holding himself securely in what he believes is the bottom of her depth as she loses herself in her third orgasm of the morning.  It shatters her world every time, confirming in her mind that there is only one man in the world that fits her so perfectly.

He begins his final approach.  Slow at first, then faster and faster, pushing her gentle love making desires into overdrive.  April wants to push her boundaries; she wants to be taken, used, and thoroughly fucked.  While quite competent as a lover, she wants to see the raw animal side of him that allows her to open herself up and let the slut in her out to play.  She’d do absolutely anything for him; she just wants him to man up take it.

Coming Soon!!!

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